What is Caspa Network

The Caspa Network aims to establish a comprehensive ecosystem to provide a decentralized, transparent and trustless environment. Caspa Network allows all users to present their assets in the real world on chain in exchange for currencies while gaining interests by depositing cryptocurrencies.


Smart Contract Suite

Caspa Network has smart contract suite for the creation of CNCT as well as its governance. The suite of smart contracts on Caspa Network includes DSC, PSC, LSC, etc. The users of the Caspa Network smart contract currently have the ability to issue new tokens through DSC, such as aUSDT.

Interest Rate Recalibration Mechanism

The interest rate is determined by the interest rate recalibration mechanism. It could either be a dynamic function that’s based on demand or a static number that is set by the governors. The interest rate recalibration mechanism will respond accordingly with the dynamic of the Caspa Network ecosystem through advanced AI algorithms.


The Caspa Network is using Database to provide reliable inputs and outputs for the suite of smart contracts. The Database is a decentralized oracle network, providing securities and data with the entire Caspa Network ecosystem. The Database is able to maintain the overall value of the Caspa Network smart contracts to assure high security, reliability, and trust.

Caspa Network Token

In the Caspa Network ecosystem, every member will participate in the decision-making process, without having to rely on or trust anyone. This means a trustless environment is to be established by applying Caspa Network, which allows CNCT (Caspa Network ecosystem token) holders to elect using their token holdings via smart contracts.

Caspa Network Ecosystem Token

Caspa Network uses CNCT as the ecosystem token, which is the tool for decentralized community governance. Users on Caspa Network hold CNCT as the governance token to vote, as Caspa Network is going to build a globally self-governed community. CNCT plays a significant role in encouraging broad participation and eliminate centralized control risk. CNCT effectuates governance of the Caspa Network ecosystem via the Caspa Network.


The technical roadmap for Caspa Network is as follows

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